DigiDental loves making health professionals more profitable

Google Adwords Setup

We completely set up and manage your Google Adwords get the traffic running!

Website Design & Optimisation

We develop impressive looking websites that turn traffic into phone calls

Video Production

We develop high quality videos that push your prospects to take action. We're passionate about content.

Social Media Marketing

We do a full social media strategy do market your practice to the right audience with the right content.

Email Marketing

We look at the lifecycle of your customers and develop a strategy to automate your email sales engine.

Design & Branding

DigiDental are graphic design experts that can bring to life all of your branding and design requirements.

Our approach

We look at the full picture and have developed a strategy that takes customers through the entire buyer decision making journey. From first contact to post operation, we’ve got you covered.

Website Design

We design websites that are tailored for the dental industry. We look at what makes prospects most likely to convert and we implement it.

Digital Marketing

We find highly targeted traffic and direct them to your brand new website. We implement a strategy that finds highly targeted leads.

How we do it

Our Director spent 15 years running one of the most profitable dental practices in Australia, and has taught thousands of poeple how to implement the same strategy he uses. We’ve turned this knowledge into a repeatable and scalable system, ready for you to use.

Influential & Engaging Content

We know that good content is the foundation of any successful marketing initiative. Our video, written and digital teams are ready to bring your content to life!

Consult On Full Buyer Journey

There are many pieces of the puzzle when it comes to converting prospects into sales. Out dental experts will help you not only find and attract new prospects, but also help you turn them into high-ticket sales.

Combining engaging content with thorough digital execution

We not only bring prospects to your website, we design a user experience that pushes them to take the next step and contact your dental practice. This strategy is how we close the loop on increasing revenue for your business.

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Engage your prospects where they are hanging out

We understand the psycology of buyers within the dental industry, and design our strategies so that places your brand front and center when they’re ready to buy.

We're motivated to get you sales

We are an end-to-end sales building agency

The process of increasing sales doesn’t just come down to the perfect ad, or the perfect video. We know that part of the process has a very strategic place in creating business growth.

Content Experts

We develop content people engage with. This is about creating content with a balance between educational, inspirational and motivational.

Analytical Tech-Heads

We're analytical and have a deep understanding of the health industry. We are a mix of health professionals and marketing experts.

Conversion Focussed

We are conversion specialists. Our goal is to build ads, websites, landing pages and emails that turn traffic into patients.

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