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Welcome to your personalised project management board. This is where we share links, create feedback, sign forms. We want this to be one location where you can access EVERYTHING.


Business Name: Example Business

Your website link: TBC

This process is organised into 7 key steps. We will notify you at each stage of the process which step you are up to. There is key information within each step that you need to read carefully. As well as timelines to stick to. Let's get started!

Let's Step You Through The Process

Follow the steps in this guide. We will notify you when you're ready to go onto the next step.

Please answer the below 5 questions. This is VERY IMPORTANT in helping us understand what you want to achieve with your new website.
Could you please
Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes
Once you have completed the form, we will send you a list of website designs to choose from.

Based on your questionnaire, we have identified 5 websites below which we believe match your website goals. Please number the websites below from 1-5 in order of your preference.
Please also provide some brief information on what you like or dislike. Any information is helpful!
Example sites:
  1. URL
  2. URL
  3. URL
  4. URL
  5. URL
Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes

Great news! We have completed the first draft of your website. There are 4 pages for you to review. We have completed the Home Page, A Landing Page, Team Page & Payment Plans Page. These are important pages as their design will be duplicated across your website.

Please note: The content and pictures in this draft are placeholder content. We want to get a feel for what you like or dislike about the design.

We use a specialised software program where you can create comments on the website itself. Your changes will be sent to us and we will complete them for you.

Simply click on the link and start clicking on sections to make a comment.

LINK: https://usepastel.com/link/5p2pg/

Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes

We have completed your feedback. Please check the link below to confirm you are happy to proceed. When you have checked the site, please return and check the box below so that we can proceed.

LINK: https://usepastel.com/link/5p2pg/


WOOO! Your copywriting and pictures have been placed into your new website and it is ready to review.

Please follow the link below and review your website carefully. Place comments on the interactive link below and make any final suggestions.

This is really important to get this right. It’s the final step before going live!

LINK: https://usepastel.com/link/5p2pg/

The final step! Please read this document carefully and acknowledge the relevant sections below.

Please note. We cannot go live with your website until this section has been completed.


I confirm that I, on behalf of EXAMPLE WEBSITE approve the website; EXAMPLE.STAGING.COM.AU to be pushed live to https://EXAMPLESBUSINESS.com.au. I confirm that I approve the structure, layout, content and design of the website. 

I have checked that all content on the website is correct and that the content complies with all regulatory, legal and legislative requirements. 

I understand that the project with DigiDental is deemed complete at the time of go live and we are now at the handover stage. 

If any additional changes should be required in the future, DigiDental will not be liable to amend the website without monetary compensation.

I understand that further work may be required to improve and optimise the effectiveness of the website such as regular updates, conversion optimisation, content additions and SEO optimisations to the website.

Please acknowledge the below sections.

Here’s all your logins, tutorials on using Wordpress, useful information, SEO tips and more!

We want to make your website as good as possible going forward so that you can hit the ground running.

Remember, we’re always here to help should you need any assistance.