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    What does it take to capture, inspire & convert your potential customers

    The way you communicate your value is crucial to converting strangers into high-ticket sales. By strategically displaying the right information at the right time to your customers, you can increase the chance of conversion. Powerful blogging is the way to achieve this.


    Content That Converts

    You need to provide content that provides value to your potential customers. It needs to strategically answer their questions.

    Solving a problem

    Potential customers are on your website because they have a problem that needs solving. Are you helping solve that pronblem?

    SEO optimised articles

    Deliver your message to the right audience. The content you create must be delivered in a strategic way that improves your SEO.

    Be influential

    You need to be influential. Putting content out that simply fills time will not achieve your goal. It needs to be powerful.

    Small Changes Make BIG Differences

    By strategically improving a few minor aspects in the way you blog and present information to potential customers, you can rapidly improve the profitability of your practice.

    Some of the results we have seen

    Increased website traffic 90%
    Increase website conversion 55%
    Increase revenue within 1 year 45%
    Influence Your Prospects

    We have found a way to use strategic content and blogging to convert your prospects.


    What you will learn in your consult

    We will take you through the psychology behind effective blog writing and how to harness it to convert prospects

    Traffic Generation

    We show you how to write to find highly targeted traffic and deliver them directly to your website

    Influential Content

    We develop content that is designed to influence your patients into taking action

    Website Optimisation

    We will help redesign your content strategy so you can ensure you're answering the right questions.

    Retarget & Re-engage

    We help you re-engage new and old customers and nurture them to increase their lifetime value to your business

    Content Experts

    We develop content people engage with. This is about creating content with a balance between educational, inspirational and motivational.

    Analytical Tech-Heads

    We're analytical and have a deep understanding of the health industry. We are a mix of health professionals and marketing experts.

    Conversion Focussed

    We are conversion specialists. Our goal is to build ads, websites, landing pages and emails that turn traffic into patients.

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