This could be the article that gives you a serious hit of confidence

Dr Kinnar Shah outlines how a very simple dental implants procedure could be the difference between living a confident and happy life and covering up your issues.

I can’t stress this enough and it breaks my heart every time I see it. One of the biggest damages to confidence I see is people who have missing teeth. In other words, they’re scared to show their smile to the world. I hate seeing it.

Well, your life is about to change if you have missing teeth…and I’m not being dramatic.

Whether you’re missing one tooth, or multiple, the team at Smile Concepts in Sydney come across so many patients who are lacking the confidence to smile. This is a sad reality. Smiling is a crucial part of living a healthy life.

But, some of our patients put up with missing teeth for years before they decide to look into a solution.

And that is a frustrating concept for us, because the solution is SO. DAMN. SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE AND QUICK.

The solution? Dental Implants.

Firstly, what is a dental implant?

I’ll admit, the concept is a bit to get your head around…Implants are replacement tooth roots made of titanium, which are placed into your jaw. They provide a foundation for the attachment of removable replacement teeth, or to secure permanent teeth.

But I assure you, Dental Implants are a routine procedure. After completing over 3000 of these treatments alone, the team at Smile Concepts in Sydney have become so expert with dental implant procedures that they are almost painless and can be completed in under 30 minutes.

What you may not know about missing teeth…

For many people, living with a missing tooth or teeth becomes an ongoing reality. They put up with it and simply use coping mechanisms like smiling less, or chewing differently to mask the condition.

Can you imagine this? Altering your lifestyle and changing what makes you feel truly comfortable.

Did you know that missing teeth can have a terrible impact on your speech? Causing you to mumble and slur. It saddens me to hear of patients so fed up with the fact that they constantly have to repeat themselves in front of loved ones because others can’t understand them.

Additionally, missing teeth can also make chewing uncomfortable which ultimately has a negative impact on your confidence.

Take it from us, we see patients every…single…day whose lives are exponentially changed through dental implant procedures.

To put it simply, it’s one 30 minute procedure.

So, why do people wait and put off Dental Implant treatment?

We hear many reasons, but I’ll split the most common up for you into 3 parts and provide a little clarity:

1) ‘It’s going to be very painful’: This, in almost every case is incorrect. Dr Kinnar Shah’s team at Smile Concepts in Sydney uses digital guided flapless surgery to make the

procedure highly precise and non-invasive. This means that the procedure is quicker and more effective with no incisions and no stitches!

2) ‘They’re expensive’: Understandably people assume it’s going to be a hugely expensive procedure. But because Smile Concepts uses digital guided technology for

dental implants, we can do it quicker. AND, with our payment plans we can make it

very simple and affordable for anyone to get their smile today and pay later.

3) ‘They’re not long lasting’: Again, incorrect! Some of our patients have said that their dental implants have lasted for up to 15 years!

So, what next?

It comes down to assessing your goals. If you have a missing tooth, talk to us. Tell us your goals, concerns and restrictions. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve done this thousands of times and can use our wide breadth of experience to provide more clarity to you.

Let me put it to you this way, you can achieve your smile goals with less pain, less trauma and a faster recovery. IT. IS. THAT. SIMPLE!

Speak to the team at Smile Concepts in Sydney today, it could be the call that changes everything.